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Edge of the Sun
Artist's description:
Where is the edge of the sun?
How are we to define it? If we take the extent of its fires that are on the surface we would have one measurement. This measurement, however, would not accurately define the edge of the sun because we know that the sun is much more than its fire.
Thus we can try to find the edge by measuring its heat, which extends further than the fires occurring near the surface. Or we may try to define the edge with the strength of its gravitational pull, electromagnetic field or rays that are emitted (X-rays, ultraviolet, infrared or even radio waves). 
Although we would get many different measurements - again, none would define the edge of the sun. We can also try to look for the edge by defining the end of the light that shines...

All of these measurements in of themselves could serve us to define a part of the hole of what the sun really is. None of them, however, truly or entirely define the sun and therefore the edge of the sun continually escapes our grasp. 
For all of these reasons, we come back to the original question - where is the edge of the sun?
Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 x 0.1 cm (11.7 x 16.5 x 0.04 in)
Materials: Watercolors on paper
Date and place of creation: 2018, Barcelona (Spain)
Signature: The painting is signed on the back and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. The painting can be signed on the front if the buyer insists and only if it mentioned upon purchasing.
Framing: This artwork is sold unframed
Packaging: Fully protected artwork in a reinforced tube
Shipping: Within 7 days from Barcelona, Spain (with online tracking)
Price: 200€ + shipping
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