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Over the edge, over again
Artist's description:
Inspired by the music of Hans Zimmer.

What is the edge? Where are the boundaries? 
In a world of language - words and meanings, definitions and boundaries become very important. In the universe, the distance between two rocks at the "edges" of the galaxy does not measure it's "real size". 
For the observable spectrum of the galaxy represents a part and not a whole. If we consider the light that the galaxy emits to be its size, it is again only a part of it. What about gravitational pull or magnetic field or any other components and forces that influence the galaxy? All of them only describe an isolated part of a whole. To find out the real edges of the galaxy you have to consider all of the components as a part of one. 

In the same way, Swiss watch cannot be considered to be just a spring or a wheel, but an interconnected system that as a result creates the movement of hands and with it the illusion of time. But the clock also depends on the pressure surrounding it (whether deep in the water or high in the air), gravity, magnetic field, and many other forces - that in turn make the clockwork perfectly in specific conditions.
This painting is exhibited at:
Favela cafe in Vilassar de Mar, Spain (May-Aug 2018)
Dimensions: 42 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm (16.5 x 11.7 x 0.04 in)
Materials: Watercolors on paper
Date and place of creation: 2017, Barcelona (Spain)
Signature: The painting is signed on the back and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. The painting can be signed on the front if the buyer insists and only if it mentioned upon purchasing.
Framing: This artwork is sold unframed
Packaging: Fully protected artwork in a reinforced tube
Shipping: Within 7 days from Barcelona, Spain (with online tracking)
Price: 198€ + shipping
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